How does PriceSparrow work?

PriceSparrow is an app which finds the best deal. If you shop online, the app helps you to find the best offers for your wanted product. The app is only active on shopping sites and is visible only when alternativ offers were found for you.
PriceSparrow supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 & 9 and Safari. PriceSparrow does not collect or save personalized data or passes data on to third parties.

How do I install PriceSparrow?

Just click on the download button and the correct add-on for your browser will be installed.
If you are using Internet Explorer, the installation process will start in a new window. Once the installation is finished you need to activate the add-on in the browser (browser will display a dialog) and restart the Internet Explorer.

How do I uninstall PriceSparrow?

If you installed PriceSparrow as part of a third party toolbar, right click on the toolbar, open the show/hide submenu and click on PriceSparrow. The PriceSparrow add-on is easily uninstalled from the extensions / add-on screen of your browser. Click on the corresponding button next to the PriceSparrow icon in the add-on/extension listing. Detailed steps for each browser are listed below.

Using Mozilla Firefox you have to open the menu and select "Add-ons"

Using Google Chrome open the menu, select "Tools" and then "Extensions"

To remove PriceSparrow from Internet Explorer you have to open Window's system settings, open the software screen and start the uninstallation process by clicking on PriceSparrow. Now follow the instructions of the uninstallation program.

With Opera open the browser's menu, select "Extensions" and "Manage Extensions".

With Safari open the browser's menu, select "Settings" and "Extensions".

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